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The entrance to the Phrasiri complex of eight buildings in Chiang Mai. Read about the exciting things happening in the north of Thailand below.



“Where is He” the wise men asked,
“Who is to be born King?
We have come to worship Him,
Our presents we will bring.”

King of the Jews, He was to be,
But they would not receive
The One who came to seek and save –
The Jews did not believe.
But this was foreordained of old,
God’s plan this was to be;
That He who is the Lamb of God
Be hung upon the tree.

“Good news we bring for all mankind”
The angels said of Him;
For all who trust in God’s own Son
He saves from all their sin.
Let’s now proclaim the praises of
The One who by His might
Has called us out of darkness past
Into His radiant light.

We pray that your Christmas will be filled with joy and peace, and that His radiant light will illuminate your way in 2005 -

Russ and Ruth Keanalley


Past and Plans

The past year has been hectic, to say the least. On a joyous note, Ruth came home in time for the arrival of our fourth grandchild on 21st January (see Family News).

Then in early March, Russ had cataract eye surgery at Toowoomba, Australia, which meant a seven week stay. The surgery was completely successful, for which we thank our wonderful Lord, and for those who prayed, we thank you too.

We had the first Thailand combined assemblies camp in May. This was a very successful event and it is planned to hold this combined camp for predominantly young people


every two years.

Then we had another unplanned quick short trip back to Australia at the end of May due to a Visa problem, and then a planned trip in August/September, just after the arrival of grandchild number five.

As we write, we have just arrived back in Australia for the first Christmas with our young families for three years, something we are all looking forward to very much.

Our health has been holding up well, but we have been feeling weary. We complete six years service next August, and in consultation with the elders of our sending church, Grovely, we have decided to take a one year furlough from August next year.


Assemblies in Thailand

The annual meeting of Thailand missionaries, full time workers and assembly representatives, collectively referred to as the Christian Brethren Missionary Group (CBMG), was held in Chiang Mai last October. There were 17 attendees in all, who presented reports, participated in the ministry of the Word, sharing, praise and prayer over two days.

The sense of purpose, the burden for Thai people, and the sense of oneness in the Body of Christ (including the wider Body – the Church – in Thailand) was nothing short of inspirational. To hear what the Lord is doing through the assembly work in Thailand was very encouraging indeed.

The annual CBMG meeting held in Chiang Mai


The  Phrasiri church at  Chiang Mai is one example of the Lord’s blessing.   Ajarn Timothy Kim,  a Korean missionary, moved with his family from Bangkok to Chiang Mai eight years ago and prayed for the Lord to open up a work there. He commenced a hostel ministry in rented premises for high school and university students.

He then bought a parcel of land in faith. As funds became available, mostly from faithful supporters in Korea, his team built a complex of eight buildings,   including a chapel


Six of the eight buildings seen from the chapel

which seats about 200, with a capacity for about 100 students and staff.

Many of the students have believed and become keen members of the church. The assembly has a regular attendance of over 100 and has many outreach programs in smaller outlying centres, including hill tribe areas like Mae Hae, the subject of the next article.

Mae Hae

After the annual CBMG meeting, we were privileged to see the work in a hill country village about 2 hours driving time away from Chiang Mai, called Mae Hae.

Ajarn Timothy and his team were witnessing to, and praying for this village of Buddhists and idol worshippers, but were only met with antagonism and opposition.

The original "haunted" building behind Ajarn Timothy and Ruth

A breakthrough came when a past head of the village offered to sell them his land with the warning that the building was haunted. It was on the main road to another similarly antagonistic village and the locals would never dare to pass this house at night for fear of the spirits.

They bought the land and commenced a boarding house for students since this village had the only school for quite some distance around. A full time worker oversaw the work but the first month was a spiritual battle. The board-


The newly built chapel at Mae Hae

ers had nightmares. One night the worker saw a spirit in a dream saying “Get out—this is my territory.”

They prayed more earnestly than ever and after the first month had complete victory. The locals of both villages were amazed and 17 families have accepted the Lord. A chapel and a kitchen-dining room have now been built and a church established.

A small group of the 43 boarders


English Camp

In October, the Phrasiri church Bangkok organised an English teaching camp for children of the village.  Thirteen children came, and we taught them English songs and reading using a couple of stories from Luke’s Gospel.

Besides games and other craft activities, Ruth taught them how to make sandwiches!! Common in the west, this was a new experience for both the children and also the Thai young people who were helping.

Many of these children have been coming to Sunday School regularly  ever since,   and also to other services at


 the church.

Ruth teaches how to make sandwiches


On-going Ministry

In our primary role of teaching and preaching, our ministry is on-going. Ruth takes an English speaking Bible study group, and Russ continues to teach and preach in the Thai language.

Russ has spoken at both the Phuket and Chiang Mai assemblies, as well as at our “home base” Phrasiri Bangkok. Do please pray for our ministry, for the work is

Preaching at the Phuket assembly


Ruth with some of her English Bible study group

the Lord’s.

Lord willing, it is our plan in the new year to visit more areas of Thailand with a focus on the assembly work in all areas to gather an overall picture of the work, as well as sharing the Word. Hopefully, by the time we return to Australia for our furlough in the second half of next year, we will have a story to tell from first hand experience, including pictures of the work.


Family News

Without doubt, this has been an exciting year for our family, the highlight being the arrival of two more grandchildren.

As many will already know, Rebekah Rose Fawssett arrived on 21st January, and Susan Elizabeth McHugh on 12th July.



Ben and Joy now have three — Natalie, four years this month, Katelyn who turned two last month, and Susan. Simon and Melody have Jake who turns 3 in March, and Rebekah who turns one in January.

We all had a special celebration for Melody’s 30th birthday in September, and this Christmas, we are all looking forward to our first “Keanalley Christmas” for three years.


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