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No, this picture is not from Thailand - see "Israel Trip" below



Two thousand years have come and gone,
Since that first Christmas Day,
When angels said that Christ was born
The Truth, The Life, The Way.

Good tidings of great joy, they said
To shepherds on that night,
A Saviour for all people who
Can make all wrong all right.

Glory to God the highest One
Whose plan it was to send
His own and well beloved Son
This love will never end.

God’s plan is one of peace, goodwill
Toward man of every tongue
But everyone must now believe
In Christ, God’s only Son.


Personal Notes

As the 2007 year draws to a close, we all tend to reflect on the year that was, and ponder the year that lies ahead. For us, it has been another busy year of teaching ministry in Thailand.

Our assembly has bought a property (see below), and another young couple have married, bringing the total of young couples married in the past couple of years to four. We have also visited other churches for ministry, including Jomthien where Saeng and Maliwan are serving the Lord. After speaking at a Mother’s Day service there, we visited a tiger zoo where this  photo was taken feeding a young tiger.

A highlight of our year was our participation in a tour of Israel with a Thai tour group.  This was our first visit to Israel, and a lifelong dream come true. Details and pictures are on the next page.

We had a trip home to Australia mid-year for some special time with our young families. During that time, we had a Keanalley family reunion with Russ's  two younger brothers and their families.  This was a


This is no trick - it could only happen in Thailand

very special time for us all.

Earlier in the year we felt the time to move back to Australia to live was approaching so we tried to sell our condo in Bangkok. We were unsuccessful. Many things happened to make it clear that it was not yet the Lord’s time. So we have taken the condo off the market and we now plan to continue on in Thailand for another year, but coming back to Australia for 50% of the time.


Building Project

In an exciting and bold step of faith, our Bangkok assembly has bought a property for a church building.  It is in a great position beside a major road, not far from the original premises, and for Bangkok, the price was quite reasonable – about $A130,000 at the current exchange rate ($USD105,000).

It has a very old house which has now been modified for use as an interim church building.  The Korean churches have provided most of the funds for a deposit and the assembly has a modest loan for the remainder at low interest.

Considering the low income of the predominantly young people of the assembly, this has been a step of faith, but there is a real sense of optimism and expectancy at the moment. The old building has been modified to include an office, kitchen, wash-up area, and bathroom facilities, besides the main


meeting area.

Eventually, we trust the Lord will provide for a new building.  The block is not very big, but will be OK if we build several stories, the bottom one being for parking.  It is in a top and a valuable position!!  Thankfully, in spite of property being expensive in Bangkok, building expenses are not.


Israel Trip

Realising a long-held dream, we took the opportunity to join with a Christian Thai group on a week long tour of Israel in April this year.

The tour started with a day in Jordan visiting Petra before continuing on to Israel. Our first two days in Israel were spent in the Galilee area, visiting the Sea of Galilee and surrounding areas including the villages of Cana and Nazareth, the remains of Capernaum and the Jordan River.

We then travelled down to Bethlehem, passing through the area of the Valley of Megiddo, the West Bank and modern Jerusalem. They played a music video about Jerusalem as the famous city came into view for the first time, and there was hardly a dry eye in the bus.

The next morning we visited the Mount of Olives, the place from which the Lord ascended (and to which He will come again as prophesied in Zech 14:3), and a look-out from the western slope to get a great view of East (old) Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

We then went “down to Jericho” and those words took on new meaning for us as we realised that it was a descent of over 3,500 feet, passing Sea Level enroute!! From here, we travelled on to the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, followed by the customary swim in the Dead Sea.

Finally, the day in Old Jerusalem, starting at the Western Wall. If you know the passage in Luke 21:24 you will know why this spot is so significant. Here Jews have been back at the original temple site praying since the 1967 Six Day War.

We then went up to the Temple Mount, where the Muslim “Dome of the Rock” stands instead of the temple. The area of this surface is far bigger than we ever imagined.   After some other sites  of lesser

Ruth in front of The Garden of Gethsemane


"The Treasury" is Petra's most famous landmark

The Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount

The Western Wall also known as The Wailing Wall

importance, we visited the Garden of Gethsemane. On the last day we went up to Mount Nebo in Jordan where Moses stood to see Israel before being taken by the Lord. We were exhausted on return but what a privilege it was to fulfil the dream of many Christians to visit this significant land.



This year we can report that the grandchild count has not increased!!  The youngest has already turned one year old and as we write, the oldest will have her seventh birthday this month (December).

Three of our grandchildren will be in school next year, and this pattern is expected to continue with one more commencing school each year.  The seven grandchildren are all approximately one year apart in age.

Both our young families have enjoyed being closer geographically, being able to visit each other regularly, and keeping in close contact.  The cousins have a lot of fun together.

As  planned  (and  mentioned  in  last year’s  annual


newsletter), we had one trip home from Thailand mid-year to spend time with the family, and as we write, we have just come home for Christmas/New Year again, returning in the first half of January. During the mid-year visit, we had a special birthday celebration for Ben’s 30th.

Our family is very important to us and as our grandchildren get older, we find there is a strong “pull” for us to be here more and more. As mentioned in our introductory comments, we have been praying much about when we should move back to live in Australia, and visit Thailand, instead of the other way around.

So we are praying very much about this move and to know the Lord’s timing and will.  When we do return, we then need to know where we should live and the nature of our future ministry.



The two youngest - Holly and Melody Anne


Melody and Simon, Holly, Jake, and Rebekah

Ben and Joy, Katelyn, Melody, Susan and Natalie

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