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Delegates to the Annual Meeting of the CBA, Thailand



It’s Christmas again, there’s a buzz in the air
Just where did the past year go?
There’s presents to buy and a meal to prepare
And a tree to put up for the show.

We remember again that in Bethlehem’s stall
A baby was born to give life
To those who would trust Him and give Him their all;
But today sin and coldness are rife.

For these are the days of an affluent church
Of riches, abundance of all.
To find one that’s faithful the Lord has to search;
“Be zealous and repent” is His call.

“I rebuke and I chasten” the Lord says in love
“I offer you gold tried with fire,
Garments of white and a special eye salve;
Resources to help and inspire!!”


Personal Notes

As planned, we put our condominium on the market soon after arriving back in Thailand at the beginning of May. Within 24 hours, we had a contract on the condo. We then organised a removal company to pack and ship our furniture and personal effects back to Australia in a shipping container, and accepted a very busy schedule of ministry for our remaining time in Thailand.

Sadly, the contract eventually fell through because the young couple couldn’t get bank finance. We did have more interest but none of the potential buyers actually committed to a contract, and we eventually left Thailand with the condo unsold. It remains on the market in Thailand. We did go ahead with the removal, however, and all our personal effects are now stored here in Brisbane.

We left Thailand ten years and one day after arriving there to serve the Lord as full time missionaries in 1999.   Looking back over our past ten Christmas newsletters, we realise it is the end of a most significant  time  of  our  lives.  We  still  intend to visit


Thailand for ministry, but feel it is clearly the Lord’s plan for us to now live back in Australia. We both turn 70 next year.

Our present thinking is to sell our unit here in Nundah early January, and buy a house on the south side of Brisbane. We really thank you once again for your prayer support over the past year, and covet your prayers for the Lord’s continued guidance.


Phuket Building

The Phuket assembly is the only Thailand assembly with a really long history, having been established 120 years ago.

Last year they took the bold step of purchasing a large block of land a little out of town to build a new facility not only for the meetings of the assembly, but also as a camp site.

The two photos below were taken on the opening day, the first Sunday in October.


 Above - Inside view of the building under construction


CBA Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Christian Brethren Assemblies of Thailand was held in Phuket during the last week of June. Khun Amnart, the Phuket full time worker, has done an excellent job of compiling the paperwork necessary to have the CBA recognised by the government as a church member group of the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand.

We heard reports from the delegates of thirteen different areas of Thailand (picture front page), and it was exciting to hear the different stories of blessing and outreach. Most have Thai full time workers and whilst at least three assemblies also have expatriate missionaries (mostly Korean), it is the local leaders who

Ruth holding one of the "Sea Gypsy" babies


Full time workers from five different assemblies

are taking responsibility and taking the initiative for organising the activities and outreach of each church.

The biennial combined assemblies camp was one important item on the agenda, the next being due to be held in 2010. This camp has been an excellent opportunity for fellowship between the young people of all the different areas, and has given a sense of cohesion and community between churches of the CBA.

Over the four days of the conference, we visited the “Sea Gypsy” churches at Raway and Sirae, and also inspected the progress on the Phuket assembly building project.

Russ had the privilege of speaking at the Phuket assembly on the final Sunday of the conference.



Besides preaching at our Bangkok “Phrasiri church”, Russ was also invited to speak at the Jomthien Baptist church (Saeng and Maliwan’s church), the Asian Institute of Technology Christian Fellowship, the Mahaphon church at Rangsit and the Thai Military and Police Christian Fellowship.

We have been so excited to see the Lord’s hand of blessing right across the spectrum of the evangelical churches of Thailand!! There is also a sense of oneness amongst the churches which is a wonderful testimony to Thai people. “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” Jn 13:35


Thai Military and Police Christian Fellowship



Over the past 10 years we have had somewhat limited time with our grandchildren so it has been wonderful for us to spend a little more time with our young families over the past twelve months.

The grandchildren’s birthdays all happen between July and March of the following year. After mid-March next year, they will range from 9 years down to 3 years old, in one year steps in the following order: Natalie, Jake, Katelyn, Rebekah, Susan, Holly and Melody Anne.

Similarly, they all start school in one year steps, the next being Susan who will start “Prep” next year, leaving only Holly and Melody Anne yet to start school.


Besides the usual children’s activities such as swimming and music lessons, Jake has been involved in junior soccer during the past year, and both Natalie and Katelyn did very well in long distance running.

On the wider family front, Tali and Andrew Brownlie presented Ruth’s younger brother and sister-in-law with another grandchild, Nixon, in July and the second eldest of the nieces and nephews on Ruth’s side, Scott Phillis, turns 40 years this month.

Our nephew, Phillip Hagstrom announced his engagement to Hannah in November, so we expect to have another family wedding coming up in the new year.

Sadly Aunty Nell Trotter passed into the Lord’s presence in September.


A family celebration for Melody Anne's birthday in September

Simon and Melody, Rebekah, Holly and Jake

Ben and Joy, Natalie, Susan, Melody Anne and Katelyn

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