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The first day of the flooding before it entered our condo— more on the flood below



As Christmas comes ‘round once again we reflect
On a year that has differed in one clear respect:
Earthquakes and floods that we’ve not seen before,
Waves from the ocean on a Japanese shore.

With floods and disasters of various kinds,
We’re excited because they are signs of the times.
On earth things will happen, and so to the sky
We look up for God tells us “your redemption draws nigh.”

But there’s other signs that are now on the rise,
So much more disturbing than those in the skies.
Men promote lawlessness as their human right
To demonstrate recklessly, with all their might.

Their cause to abandon the laws of the past,
Aims to bring change to promote sensuous lust:
Marriage and family no longer revered,
God’s standards are laughed at, His Word to be sneered.



For those who believe all these perilous times
Are also clear evidence, unmistakeable signs.
His coming is near but He wants us to be
His salt and His light, yes, for all men to see.


Personal Notes

Once again we want to thank all of you who have prayed for us during the past year. We have prayed for many of you too.

Russ had two trips to Thailand this year—one in March and again one in October—for preaching and teaching.

He was also asked to share at assemblies in the north of Thailand on a trip in the new year. This would require a longer trip, and we both prefer not to be apart for longer than a month. So we planned that Lord willing, both of us would travel to Thailand for two months in February and March.

But it was at the end of the second trip in October that the flooding inundated our housing estate and Russ had to evacuate the condo at very short notice. We are now concerned as to how we balance our commitments to ministry with the need to clean up after the flooding and to at least start the restoration process. (For more on this, see “Flooding”) So do please  pray  with  us  for  the Lord’s wisdom and guid-


ance. We are booked to leave on 1st February.

Back home, besides sharing about our work in Thailand and Russ’s ministry responsibilities, we have continued to enjoy time with both our young families during the past year. Ruth has enjoyed being part of Bible studies at a KYB group, and we have both enjoyed fellowship with our friends at our supporting church, Grovely CCC, and at VACC.


Update on Mae Hae

Some of our readers may remember the exciting 2004 story of Mae Hae, a Buddhist and idol worshipping hill country village in the north west where a number of families turned to the Lord.

Russ  met  Khun  Sombut,  the  full  time worker at Mae

Our visit to Mae Hae in 2004


Hae, when he was passing through Bangkok in October and reported that the Lord has continued to do amazing things there!! Between 100 and 200 now worship regularly every Sunday. They have had to build a bigger building to accommodate the increased numbers.

He has invited Russ to share there sometime next year, so Lord willing, we plan to make a visit north next March.

The original church building



Many will have followed the news of the massive flooding in Bangkok in October and November.

Russ was staying in our condominium in October when there was a failure of flood mitigation control gates feeding the channel beside our housing estate. But still the officials in our estate insisted that they did not expect we would be flooded even the night before it came!!

On the Friday morning before Russ’s last weekend, he noticed a few centimetres of water in all the car park area. It was on the rise!!

All that day, Russ prepared by moving all he could upstairs to our “mezzanine floor”, and other heavy items to the living area which is a little higher than the level of our kitchen/dining and downstairs bedrooms.

By late afternoon, with the flood water lapping just short of our back door, Russ evacuated with only an overnight bag, backpack and camera, wading out in water up to his groin.

After preaching on the Sunday morning, Russ was driven out to the area to collect his big suitcase, but couldn’t get closer than 4 km to the estate by car. He continued on in an army truck and then entered the estate in a boat to collect his suitcase.

Our floor level kitchen cupboards will be totally destroyed, and it seems that we may also have to repair/replace  one  wall  between  the downstairs bed-


Our kitchen photographed from outside the window

rooms, besides carpet and other lesser things. The photo above taken from our kitchen window by a Christian neighbour, shows our appliance cupboard and pantry which have collapsed because of “dissolved” chipboard.

Col Krueger, the principle of Mueller College and an elder in our supporting church, has organised a “flood fund” and volunteered his time to come back with us for ten days in February, travelling at his own expense, to help with the clean-up and initial repairs.

We thank our wonderful Lord that He has a plan in all things such as this, and we wait upon Him for the way forward.


Pray for Governments

Besides the flooding, the other big news from Thailand this past year is the change of government which has momentous significance.

Thailand is a democratic constitutional monarchy, but has had a history of military coups for decades. The military are very powerful and if they don’t like the government, they take unilateral action!!

The Word of God exhorts us to pray for governments and those in authority over us.

Please  pray  for  the  government  of  Thailand  and in


particular, that the church will continue to have the freedom to proclaim the gospel, a freedom enjoyed for many years.

We have also been convicted to pray for our own governments here in Australia during our family devotional time each day since the events of recent times. The move away from our national heritage of Christian moral and national principles is very disturbing!!

“Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.” As God’s people, we are to be salt and light, and God expects us to pray for those in authority and government!!



After last year, family happenings have been a little more routine. The youngest of our “older seven” grandchildren will start school next year, leaving only the twins “at home with Mum”.

The oldest three are all playing basketball regularly and three out of the oldest four are learning musical instruments.

Both  of  our young families are fully involved with their


respective churches. One of the highlights of the year for both families is the mid-year vacation program run at Village Avenue Community Church. Joy brings her children down from Toowoomba for the week and both families are able to enjoy involvement in the same program. Our role is to provide support and accommodation for Joy and her children.

We also enjoy various school events in which the children from both families participate.

Shown here are some photos taken during the year at various birthdays and special family events.


        Ruth with Philippa and Victoria (11 months)                                     Melody and Holly playing shop at Melody's birthday party

        Susan and Rebekah at Susan's birthday party                                     Jake, Natalie and Katelyn at Susan's birthday party

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