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The last session with the four Phrasiri church elders for prayer and sharing



“Where is He” the wise men asked,
“Who is to be born King?
We have come to worship Him,
Our presents we will bring.”


King of the Jews, He was to be,
But they would not receive
The One who came to seek and save –
The Jews did not believe.

But this was foreordained of old,
God’s plan this was to be;
That He who is the Lamb of God
Be hung upon the tree.


“Good news we bring for all mankind”
The angels said of Him;
For all who trust in God’s own Son
He saves from all their sin.



Let’s now proclaim the praises of
The One who by His might
Has called us out of darkness past
Into His radiant light.


Personal Notes

Our news for this year may be summed up with two significant events—we sold our condominium in February and we retired from our role as “missionaries to Thailand” on our return to Australia at the end of May.

We owned our condominium in Thailand for over 17 years, and for 15 of those years, we served as missionaries. May we say to all who have supported us over those years “Thank you most sincerely for all your prayers and your support!!” Could we also ask you to please keep praying for the Lord’s work in Thailand!!

Our “retirement” does not mean that we will not continue to serve our Lord, but being in our mid-seventies, we will slow down a bit. We have bought a caravan and hopefully, we plan to take some time to relax in a way we have rarely done before.

This edition will therefore be our last “Prayer Newsletter” … we will keep in touch with personal friends  (including  our very special friends in Thailand)


and all who express a desire to do so. But if we don’t hear from you, let us thank you again, and we pray you have a Happy Christmas and God’s richest blessings for the New Year.

        With sincere Christian love,

         Russ and Ruth

Our Last Visit to Thailand in Pictures


Above: Settlement day at the Lands Office with the buyer of our condo. The buyer requested a one week settlement because of the Bangkok protests which could have closed down the Government offices!! It was the Lord’s time, and it seems nothing was going to stop the sale.

We are so thankful to the Lord for the privilege and opportunity to have served Him in Thailand.


Above: Children are ever increasing in numbers at the Phrasiri church. When we first came, the church consisted almost entirely of single young people. Russ gave ministry over the years on what the Bible teaches on home and the family, as well as discipling young people in this important area of their lives.








Above: Some pics from a visit to Nong Nut Gardens with Saeng and Maliwan of Jomthien Baptist church.






Above: Saying good bye to Nock and Oo, Director of Campus Crusade for Christ and many other friends at Mahaphon church Rangsit


Above: Another day at the office







Above: Meal time at church camp in May


Above: Russ takes the pic of the last goodbye



The twins, our two youngest grandchildren plan to start Kindy in the new year so Joy will have all of her children at school for three days of the week, giving her a break from children at home for the first time since the year 2000. She plans to help Ben at his new business.

Ben has ventured out on his own starting a new financial advice firm called “Jem Wealth”. He takes his old clients with him but to do so, he had to buy “the book of clients”.

Also, towards the end of last year Sime moved to a new position as CEO of Freedom Aged Care. Melody is the music specialist at two primary schools teaching three days a week.

Our grandson, Jake starts high school at a Christian school next year, and number three grandchild, Katie, starts Middle School at Fairholme in Toowoomba.

Our grandchildren continue to be busy with sport (basketball and tennis) and learning various musical instruments.

“Kids Games” was a highlight of the year again for all nine grandchildren. Joy and the McHugh kids come and


stay with us for the week and so “the cousins”, as they call each other, have a great time together. It was the first time for the twins. Kids Games is the Scripture Union children’s program put on by Village Avenue Community Church mid-year.

We are planning to have Christmas together at Toowoomba this year, overnighting at Ben and Joy’s place. We plan to sleep in our caravan—a good move, no doubt!!


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