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Artist’s impression of the new Phrasiri church building (see Thailand News below)


                  MORE SIGNS



As Christmas comes ‘round once again one reflects
On a year that has changed in so many respects:
Earthquakes and floods that we’ve seen before,
Ice, snow and fires increase more and more.

With floods and disasters of various kinds,
We’re excited because they are signs of the times.
On earth things will happen, and so to the sky
We look up for God tells us “redemption draws nigh.”

But there’s other signs that are now on the rise,
Much more disturbing than those in the skies.
Men promote lawlessness as human right
To demonstrate recklessly, with all their might.

Their cause to abandon the laws of the past,
Aims to bring change to God’s standards that last.
Marriage and family no longer revered,
God’s standards are laughed at, His Word to be sneered.


For those who believe all these perilous times
Are also clear evidence, unmistakeable signs.
His coming is near but He wants us to be
His salt and His light, yes, for all men to see.




Hello again to our very special family and friends, at the end of yet another eventful year. Christmas is a special time, and one of our joys is to receive news from many with whom we tend to communicate annually.

We are also conscious that with each passing year, we are yet closer to that momentous climax of meeting our precious Lord!! For those unfamiliar with Bible teaching on the subject, many world events suggest the climax of the ages is closer than ever.

In April and May this year we embarked on a caravan trip west to Quilpie and Longreach, then back to Emerald, Carlo Creek and Rockhampton before heading home to Brisbane. Although we had a number of days to ourselves at various pleasant spots along the way, our main purpose was to catch up with family. We had not been west to see Ruth’s brothers for many years. We also visited Russ’s niece and family at Quilpie, and


his brother at Rockhampton. After our church camp in July,  four of us couples  continued on with our caravans to NSW for a very pleasant week together.

Apart from these two caravan trips, we continue on at the home front keeping good health, and enjoying time with our very precious two young families.

The Year in Pictures


Above:  Ruth and her two brothers were reunited briefly during our caravan trip


Left:  Russ caught up with his two brothers at a Keanalley reunion in February




Above: Katie's baptism in October (Family News)




Right: Niece Gina and Hubby have the butchery at Quilpie

Below: First caravan stop, Blackbutt




Above: Thompson Rvr, Longreach


       Above and Below: The Qantas Museum at Longreach

Above and Below: Happy times with family at Emerald

Above and Below: The "Caravan Brigade" in NSW


Thailand News

You may recall that in 2007, the church bought a property on a main road to use as a temporary church building with plans to build in the future. Enough funds were eventually received for the project to commence. Plans were submitted and building approval was finally given last year.

A Korean Christian organisation called NIBC undertook the construction project. They have a mix of local workers as well as expatriates working on the job, and sadly, in July, a section of wall from the fifth floor level fell during high winds and damaged a neighbour’s house. A claim is being made for disproportionate compensation, due largely to the fact that some safety procedures were not adhered to, and this compromised the position of NIBC.

The safety procedures were rectified and approval to recommence was received at the end of October. It is estimated that construction  will  be  completed  by  February


2018, and we are being sent official invitations to the opening ceremony planned for 23rd March. We are praying about returning to Thailand for this very special event.

The spiritual building is progressing with some challenges, but with much for which to praise the Lord. A number have been saved and baptised this year. There are four cell groups, a hostel ministry, and Sunday School. The temporary church premises is too small and crowded every Sunday.

Above: The original buildings

The buildings demolished


Construction as at July 2017



Family News

Spending time with our family is such a joy!! The following is a brief update and excludes their many achievements of which we are very proud.

Natalie has just left for France for 4 weeks on an exchange program, and when she returns, she plans to go for her driving licence test. Next year is her final school year.

Jake will be grade 11 next year and is taller than his Mum, and his grandparents.

Katie is also very tall now and was baptized in October. She visited USA twice this year, and starts grade 10 next year.

Rebekah  goes  into  grade 9,  and  Susan into


grade 8. Holly starts grade 7 at Brisbane Christian College, joining her two older siblings. Melody starts grade 6, her final year in Primary School and the twins start grade 2.

Amy (right) is the only one missing from the picture shown below. This family pic was taken last Christmas (2016) so the two grandkids standing are much taller now.

God bless and love from us both, Russ & Ruth



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