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Eighty Years: Russ and Ruth share the milestone with their ten grandchildren!!


A DIFFERENT YEAR                



The year began like any other,
With hope and expectation;
But soon a deadly flu broke out
Affecting every nation.

But this was not another flu,
This was a level higher;
It was a virus so contagious,
It spread like raging fire.

Airlines all around the world,
Stopped flying overnight,
As travel overseas was stopped
And nations locked down tight.

Work was done online from home,
And church was via Zoom;
All but sport was banned by law,
The outlook was all doom.

This universal world event
Is but another sign
Foretold in Scripture by our Lord,
Events that all align.

Although these things are very clear
There are yet more to be;
All pointing to the glorious day
When Jesus we will see!!



The year 2020 will always be remembered as the year of COVID-19!!  Few events would have made such a dramatic impact worldwide since WW2. Australia has been blessed with a much better containment of the virus, and with fewer deaths, than many other nations, but it has still been very costly for our nation in economic terms.

Earlier in the year we had planned for a caravan trip to Eyre Peninsula, South Australia intending to see Ruth’s aunty and family, but just a week before departure the South Australian border was closed.

We then “locked down” as instructed and in those early weeks, our girls kindly did our shopping for us. All churches ceased to hold normal services for 3½ months. Russ preached from home three times on Zoom during that time.

It was also during that time, in May, that Ruth’s sister, Eva, succumbed to cancer and passed into our Lord’s presence. Only close family could attend the burial and memorial services, but thankfully, the memorial service was streamed on line.

We  both  reached  a   significant  milestone  this


year, having attained 80 years of age. We are very grateful to our Lord for continuing good health considering our years.

We had a family “photo-shoot” in July to mark the occasion, and some of those pics are included in this bulletin.

The Grovely family church camp was held mid-August, followed by the usual short caravan trip with other church couples.

Russ spoke at a two day conference at Bundaberg in October, following which we continued on with our caravan to Rockhampton for a week. We spent time with Russ’s brother, Athol, and with Ruth’s brother and his wife, Ivan and Rose. We also visited a very good friend of Ruth’s in hospital.

Once again we pray that our newsletter finds you all, our special family and friends, well and happy. We wish you a very special and happy Christmas, and pray for God’s rich blessings for the New Year.

Love from us both, Russ and Ruth...

The Year in Pictures


   Celebrating Ruth's 80th



  Above: Ruth's sister Eva on her birthday in March

Right: Lt Nat McHugh   

Far Right: Katie elegant in her Formal attire  

  Above: Celebrating Russ's 80th

  Left: Mothers Day with Melody (above) and Joy (below)

Above:Sisters Victoria, Philippa, and Amy (front)

Photo-Shoot:  All the pictures below and the one above right (Sisters Victoria, Philippa and Amy), along with the very top picture of the grandchildren with the "80" balloon, were all taken at the family "photo-shoot" mentioned in Summary above.

  Above: Cousins Susan and Rebekah

Left: Cousins Katelyn, Jake, and Natalie

Above: Cousins Melody and Holly


Family News

It was Katie’s turn to graduate from grade 12 this year, the third  of our annual graduations for our older seven grandchildren.

Natalie was commissioned in the Army Reserve this year (Lieutenant McHugh) and has worked full-time in the army for almost the whole year. The oldest three have their driver’s licences and the next two their learners.


Ben and Joy have sold their Moorooka house and bought a large “California Bungalow” style house a little closer to the city. Simon and Melody have bought a holiday place in Caloundra.

It is the biennial “Keanalley Christmas” this year and Melody and Sime have once again kindly invited us all to their place after church for the traditional family Christmas Day. Their pool is popular with the grandchildren in the hot weather.


        Left to Right (excl Russ & Ruth): Melody (jnr), Katelyn, Natalie, Victoria, Jake, Melody, Simon, Ben, Amy, Rebekah,      Philippa (front), Joy, Susan, and Holly


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