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Fifty years: Another milestone—Our Golden Wedding Anniversary with 7 original guests!!




As the new year began we all had a thought
That the worst of the virus was gone.
Vaccinations would save us from ongoing pain,
So we thought, but restrictions go on.

Vaccinations are helping but there are new strains
Of the virus that come from afar,
From Alpha to Omicron we’ll run out of names
As mutations keep lab doors ajar.

As Christmas comes ‘round once again let us think
Of the Saviour whom angels proclaim,
And will come again as the Alpha, Omega,
To reward, and to rule and to reign.



Well, it’s been another year of Covid and another significant milestone—our Golden Wedding Anniversary. On Saturday 23rd January 1971 we were married at Emerald, and we celebrated the milestone on Saturday 23rd January this year.

It was in the midst of quite restrictive Covid restrictions, so we were very limited as to numbers. But the guests who were able to join us included seven who were at our wedding, including Charles Gray who married us 50 years ago!! (See top picture)

We had two caravan trips; one to Emerald in May for Ruth’s sister-in-law, Tracey’s 60th, and one in July for Ruth’s brother, Ivan’s 80th. Ivan


and Rose live just south of Yeppoon.

We have recently put our caravan and 4WD on the market in preparation for a possible move to the Plains Retirement Village in the next year or so.

We continue to enjoy good health although Ruth had a cataract op last month. We’ve had our Covid vaccinations. Russ continues to be kept somewhat busy with speaking engagements.

We pray that you all, our special family and friends, keep well and do stay free of “the virus”. We wish you a very special and happy Christmas, and pray for God’s rich blessings for the New Year.

Love from us both, Russ and Ruth...

Anniversary Pictures

Our daughters share experiences, our grandchildren put on skits, and excelled at serving guests!!

Other Pictures from the Year

Above: Family Christmas 2020

Below: Lochmead pics, story telling

Above: En Route to Emerald

Some of our visits while in Central Queensland

Above, L to R: Maurie & Shiela Jones, Mrs Daniels (100 yrs), Sophie & Gorgie, David & Wendy Lee

Above: Rocky trip: Ruth with Ivan & Rose on Ivan’s 80th, Russ and Athol at Emu Park

Below: Rebekah’s formal, family birthday event at Mel and Sime’s place, and Suey’s baptism


Family News

Rebekah graduated from Brisbane Christian College (pic of her formal above) Suey was licensed to drive, and Natalie started working part-time for her dad’s business, Gem Wealth. Suey was also baptised last month.

The twins, Victoria and Philippa, change to Somerville House for grade 6 next year,  and Amy will start  Prep at Yeronga State School.


Ben and Joy are about to have major renovations done on their “California Bungalow” style house. Melody (snr) has been accredited as a prison chaplain and is excited to start this new ministry in the new year. She continues to teach music at Coopers Plains school one day a week.

Our family “Keanalley Christmas” is planned for Boxing Day this year.

We have retained last year's pic below.


        Left to Right (excl Russ & Ruth): Melody (jnr), Katelyn, Natalie, Victoria, Jake, Melody, Simon, Ben, Amy, Rebekah, Philippa (front), Joy, Susan, and Holly


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