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Christmas 2022 Christmas Greetings

This has been a busy year for us but our Lord has changed our plans for moving to The Plains Retirement Village, as related in our Summary.  We undertook a major Renovation in our back bedroom, and sold our SUV and caravan.

Russ's poem this year reflects the dramatically changing world situation. The rest of our news is described in pictures and our family news is also included, as our grandchildren get older but continue to encourage us.


Christmas 2021 Christmas Greetings

We celebrated yet another milestone this year - our Golden Wedding Anniversary!! We share some pictures of that event. The year 2021 has not brought the hoped for relief from Covid, but we were still able to make two caravan trips, as related in our Summary for the year. We share these and other news in pictures.

Russ has come up with another poem, and we share a brief summary of our family news as usual.


Christmas 2020 Christmas Greetings

What a year 2020 has been!! As with you, our family and friends, our activities have been very restricted this year.  Russ's poem entitled "A Different Year" reflects the mood we have all experienced!!

As related in our Summary, we had a family "photo-shoot" to mark our 80 year milestone, and we include an overview of our year in pictures, and also the family news for the year.



Christmas 2019 Christmas Greetings

Our Christmas Greetings comes to our family and friends once again, starting with another poem.

As related in our Summary, a highlight for our year was a six week caravan trip, bringing a little nostalgia from our very young years.  As usual, we include an overview of our year in pictures, and some family news.



Christmas 2018 Christmas Greetings

How the years rush around at this stage of our "life experience"!! We have continued our routine of including a poem with our news for the year.

Our only caravan trip was to Wooyung Beach, NSW. The new Phrasiri church building was opened in March.  We have been brief with both our family news, and our news summary, and included the rest of the year's news is in pictures.



Christmas 2017 Christmas Greetings

Our Christmas greetings come with the usual poem and our news for the year.

A highlight of our 2017 news is the progress on the church building for the Phasiri church in Thailand. We include our usual family news for both family and friends, and our summary of the year, includes our two caravan trips.  The rest of the year's news is in pictures.



Christmas 2016 Christmas Greetings

We are publishing our Christmas Greetings and news this year for the benefit of you, our special family and our close friends.  Although this is not a "Prayer Newsletter", we do give an update - Thailand is still very much on our hearts and in our daily prayers!!

We have news of the arrival of our "Surprise", our RAAF Reunion, and other news.



Christmas 2014 Final News/Prayer Letter

As you will read in our Personal Notes, this is our final News/Prayer letter. We have now retired from our role as missionaries to Thailand. We are so thankful to the Lord and to our supporters for your prayer and practical support!! We have included pictures of our last visit to Thailand, brief family news and a poem for the end of the year.



Christmas 2013 News/Prayer Letter

Read about our farewell to David John McHugh.  We share our excitement for Thailand's future. We also include our usual Personal Notes and Family News with updated photos.  And once again there is a new poem for the end of the year.




Family and General News

Updated 8th Mar 2013

We share the sad news of the arrival of our tenth grandchild, who was "born asleep" on 3rd Mar 2013.



Christmas 2012 News/Prayer Letter

As noted in our Personal Notes, "A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."  We tell the story of how two churches were so helpful in the renovations of our flood damaged condo.  Pictures also tell the story.  Finally, in the family segment of our annual News/Prayer letter, we have surprise news!!



Christmas 2011 News/Prayer Letter

We did not escape the incredible flooding in Bangkok  this year. Besides the news on the flooding, we revisit Mae Hae with an update. We also ask for prayer for the new government in Thailand, and our family news which is a little more routine this year, rounds up our annual News/Prayer letter.



Christmas 2010 News/Prayer Letter

In our Annual Christmas News/Prayer Letter this year we report on the biennial CBA Young People's camp, a NZ short term mission team, and the ongoing blessing in Thailand.  In our personal notes, we share about our move and an update on our condo. Our family news includes the latest photos including the newborn twins.



Family and General News

Updated 27th Oct 2010

After a break of 4 years, we have been presented with Twins!!

See pictures of Victoria and Philippa.



Christmas 2009 News/Prayer Letter

The annual meeting of the CBA of Thailand was held in Phuket this year. We report on the Phuket assembly building and camp site project, and on our ministry during the past twelve months. In our personal notes we share about our move and ask for your continued prayers. As usual, our family news includes the latest photos.



Christmas 2008 News/Prayer Letter

The protests have turned tourists away from Thailand this year, but read about exciting things happening there!!  We also report about the AIT Christian Fellowship, and bring you up to date on the building project.  In our personal notes we mention the heart bypass operation, our ministry, and our future.  In our Family News, we have again included the latest photos.



Christmas 2007 News/Prayer Letter

Another year of ministry has passed, but in our personal notes we share how our plans changed. We also share about our church building project, and a  highlight of the year for us - a trip to Israel!!  In our Family News, we have again included the latest photos.



Christmas 2006 News/Prayer Letter

As we come to the end of our furlough, we reflect on our future, and relate the story of the Rosebuds Reunion, a "Back to Coolamon" weekend, and tell about the biennial camp in Thailand earlier this year. Also, we have included larger up-to-the-minute photos of our two young families in our Family News.



Christmas 2005 News/Prayer Letter

The theme for our poem this year is the Christmas story from Luke's Gospel.  We tell of our furlough year, of the ongoing Tsunami effort, and the exciting things happening in Thailand, including the Power for Living booklet.  We also have a few extra photos of our young families in our Family News.



Christmas 2004 News/Prayer Letter

When news tends to be full of despair, let us reflect on the Good News for Mankind proclaimed long ago!!  In this newsletter, we share our plans for furlough, and we give a glimpse of the work of the assemblies in Thailand.  We also tell a remarkable story of victory at Mae Hae.  We share about an English camp, our ministry, and family news.



Christmas 2003 News/Prayer Letter

As we come to the close of 2003, we pray the Prince of Peace will be your all, as we reflect on the past year.  We have news about our apprentice preachers, this year's outreach camp, and our English program.  We conclude with our points for prayer and our family news for the past year.



Christmas 2002 News/Prayer Letter

Our ministry has taken a new direction in 2002.  Read about the Phrasiri Church/Assembly, and the country outreach field trip. We are also seeking to promote the Emmaus Bible Study program in Thai.

Our personal notes summarize the year and there are points for prayer, together with our family news for the past year.



Christmas 2001 News/Prayer Letter

In a hectic year 2001, we visited the Karen villages for the opening of a new church building, we visited Laos, and participated in a Cross Roads seminar.   Our Newsletter includes news of the Mahaphon Church, a tribute to Arnold Clarke, and our family news for the past year.

Christmas 2000 News/Prayer Letter

Our Christmas prayer letter for 2000 includes a summary of our main news for the year.  There is also news of Campus Crusade for Christ, news of our trip up country to a church near the Laotian border in the north-east at Sriwilai, our weekly Cell Group, and a report of our trip to Australia with Maliwan, a Compassion sponsored girl with a wonderful testimony.  An update of our family news concludes the page.

Christmas 1999 News/Prayer Letter

Our 1999 Christmas News/Prayer letter has now been posted on the web not only for historical reasons, but also for the benefit of many who did not receive the printed copy.

Introducing Russ and Ruth Keanalley

For the benefit of new Prayer Supporters who do not know Russ and Ruth personally, this page is a brief testimony and historical background.